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February 10, 2014 hydroxy

Since the last update I posted I’ve been hard at work on lots of different parts of the game. My main focus has been on inventory management, a task which I knew would be a tough task to complete as it involves lots of maths intertwined with lots of coding.

Initially I made good progress and all was looking well, but I hit a major problem a few hours in. I had to find a way to retrieve variables from objects that were pretty much non-existent within the game world. After about 2 days of effort I found a solution that worked perfectly (thanks go out to GMC for some excellent advice along the way). I was able to complete the rest of inventory management without too much bother.

The inventory management problem was very difficult to solve, but as anybody who has a passion for anything knows, it is this type of insurmountable mountain of a task that lets you know that you are serious about what you are doing.


I also did work on enemy behaviours and improved them significantly, although there is still a lot of work left to do. Above is a test enemy that I have created to keep me company. I think he may make it into the final game as he’s has an eeriness about him that I think could work well in some locations in the game.


I’ve also added a few human characters, such as the merchant and doctor displayed above who will help the player character by performing tasks such as selling items, healing damage, etc…

Still have not figured out a name for this project. I am still calling it Project Oyster which sounds sillier every time I say it. A fitting name will hopefully come soon…

I am keeping to my schedule fairly well and I have been successful in keeping the scope of this project fairly small so far. It will hopefully stay that way as I want this to be a quickly and efficiently completed project.

After developing games for over 3 years I have realised it is a time consuming thing to do. It also has the potential to become a very anti-social influence in your life, I think this is perhaps one of the largest perils there is regarding game development. Be careful of it or game development can take away more than it gives you.

Anywho, there is still a lot to do but I think I am progressing at a good rate. I can walk away happy at the end of this weekend knowing that inventory management is complete and other (nicer) tasks await me…

Now, I Ain’t Saying He’s a Gold Digger…

January 26, 2014 hydroxy

I’ve been super busy this last week working on the game. Most of my efforts have been in getting rid of bugs that I inadvertently created earlier in the development cycle. I’ve so far taken out about 20 or so different bugs, making the last week a kind of virtual extermination. The game is now feels much more solid to play and I think it was time very well spent.


Debugging has taken time away from adding new content unfortunately, but I have been able to add a few new features and improve on several existing ones, including:

  • Finishing the HUD system
  • Improving the underwater oxygen consumption mechanism
  • Reworking the player damage mechanism
  • Improving water interaction mechanism
  • Finalising the story
  • improving the debugging system
  • Reworking room transitions

I’ve recently got much more effective at working on the game. The main reason was that I actually sat down and made a design document for it. The design document covers almost all aspects of the game, such as, items, enemies, game resolution, the map, controls and so on… I have been continually adding to the document with any changes I have made to the game. I think the reason that it works so well is because it gives me a clearly written out plan of what objectives I need to complete to progress the game forward. Beforehand it was sort of like working without a long term plan. Now I feel I have a reachable goal and that I know I can accomplish, the only question is when I’ll accomplish it.

I have also been trying to think of a good name for the game but nothing has came to mind yet, watch this space though.

As discussed in a previous post, I’ve also been playing around with the idea of making the game available to download and play from the early stages of development. However, I don’t think the game is ready to be played yet as there is still so little of the map created and not much to do except run around the empty tunnels of the island. Also, I am not too sure of the technical feasibility of transferring save data between different game versions. However, I will look into all of this and hopefully have more information next time I post.

That’s all for now.

New Sprites

December 20, 2013 hydroxy


I’ve been busy with life recently and unfortunately haven’t been able to make any big changes to the game. One of the few alterations I have made is shown above, its the altered character sprite, quite an improvement from the previous version I must say. Here is a link showing how I came up with the new design. Hopefully I will be able to speed up development over the next few weeks and get some sort of demo out soon.

Taking Inventory

November 18, 2013 hydroxy

bigfishI’ve been working away at a number of things since I last updated. The primary focus lately has been creating a working inventory system, which was a tricky task but I finished it and I’m happy with the end result. I’ve been making other small additions to the game like new enemies, terrain objects, upgrades, etc…

Overall, I’m trying to keep this project super small. I seem to be doing OK so far. Hopefully it’ll be finished before Christmas.

20,000 Pixels Under the Sea

September 30, 2013 hydroxy

pearljamI’ve been developing the Project Oyster game for about a week in my spare time, I’ve made good progress since the initial game jam effort. Since then, I have taken a step back from the keyboard and have drawn up a basic action plan of what needs done to finish the game. I have been tackling the tasks one by one from the list, but there is quite a lot of stuff left to do. I’ve had to go back to old code a few times to improve it here and there, though I believe that’s a given for anything developed in a 4-hour time frame.

I hope to possibly add a bit of procedural generation into the finished product so it is different every time it is played, however if I find this too difficult it may not happen.

The art style to the game is fairly minimalist, I think it suits it as it allows everything to stand out from the background and I think its fitting for such a simple game.

I think I should have this game finished fairly soon, as long as I stay focussed and don’t let feature creep take hold. Watch this space…