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Blog Moved to WordPress

May 17, 2013 hydroxy

I’ve moved the blog to WordPress, apologies for the slight downtime during the transition. I should have everything up and running very soon. Currently working on making a new theme so the site looks similar to the old one, hopefully will have that done soon too. Back to it…

Welcome to the Blurry Games Blog

September 11, 2010 hydroxy

As of this minute, I am creating Blurry Games and the corresponding blog to go with it. Using all my very limited skills in programming and game design I hope to create indie games in the coming years and will hopefully gain some good experience in programming during the journey.
To be entirely honest, I have little programming experience to date, I’ve really only had a few outings in web languages such as HTML, CSS, ASP, and so on… with very little non-web programming experience under my belt.

Recently, I’ve started to learn to code again, I’m starting off small using only GameMaker at the moment and hoping to use more powerful tools as times goes on.

That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading.