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Stay Healthy

April 1, 2013 hydroxy

Over the past week I’ve been steam-rolling through development at a good pace, I’ve tackled many bugs added new features and generally just been busy with the game. Notable new additions include a 3 HP health system which allows you to get injured 3 times before you finally are destroyed, this will decrease the difficulty of the game somewhat and will hopefully give everyone a fair chance when playing. I am still considering putting in a 1 health point hardcore player mode for more advanced users later on. I’ve also added  animations for spawning and destroying the robot. Finally, a good number of sound effects have been added to the game, although there still is no music at this point. I should hopefully be able to keep this pace over the next few weeks and any progress will be updated here. Thanks for reading.

Back in the Game

March 19, 2013 hydroxy

After a long and unexpected break from development due to other commitments in my life such as work and university I am back at development on the game. I’ve been away from it for quite a while but I’ve managed to pick up where I left off without any major issues. I’ve made great progress in the last week or so with tasks such as lighting, powerups, controls and menu design. I hope to continue working on tasks like this for the next while to get the game into a more playable state.

I hope to upgrade the game to the new GameMaker Studio package in the near future, this should help with some aspects of development and hopefully no problems will arise during the transition.

I am also getting some help from another GMC member with some aspects of development so hopefully the pace will begin to pick up very soon. Watch this space for more news…

Level Building

May 6, 2012 hydroxy

Everything is progressing nicely with the game, I’ve had a few very tricky bugs recently but I tracked them down and eliminated them. Its surprising how much time is spent on fixing bugs, sort of makes you lose some motivation but once you see everything working perfectly again it feels so good. I’m currently building some more levels, which I find pretty enjoyable. I’ve discovered that its sort of hard to make a fair balance between difficulty and fun in levels, I will likely need some user feedback later on in development to help with this. Anywho, back to it…

An Update…

April 2, 2012 hydroxy

Things are going good with development, although I am running up against a few hurdles here and there which slows progress down, some problems are unavoidable though, I think its just best to consider any setbacks learning experiences. I have to thank the excellent users of the Game Maker Community for their help in quite a few sticky situations that I found myself in. Anywho, back to the work…

Official Project Name: Robox

March 17, 2012 hydroxy

I have officially decided to call my work in progress “Robox”. I got the idea after some help from members of The name is a combination of the words “robot” and “box”, I think it suits the game very well and its nice to finally have a name for my creation. Thanks to everyone who helped me in my decision