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Perhaps Not…

December 16, 2014 hydroxy

In my last post I explained I may have a chance at full-time game development. That reason for this was that I received a good amount of funding from a third party to develop Reboot Robot to completion, however for some very complicated reasons I could not accept this offer at this time. In the future I will be available to accept funding but right now I am not free to do so due to other obligations.

This is no doubt bad news to me but I will stagger onward regardless. I will continue developing in my spare time so not much has changed overall. The games will get made. Maybe just not as fast as I’d like.

I’m going to make Reboot Robot the main project again. Its got great potential and its the game I want to make most right now. I’ll revisit Gale Force in the future hopefully.

That’s all for now.

Trailer Time…

July 2, 2013 hydroxy

I have uploaded a very early trailer of the game to the web, of course there’s still lots to be done on the game but just thought I’d give everyone a little sneak peek at the progress so far. Enjoy…

Robox Renamed

July 1, 2013 hydroxy

Near the start of last year I came up with what I thought was an original name for my game featuring a box shaped robot, I called it Robox, however since then I have become aware of a game called Roblox. The names are different but unfortunately they are very similar and this is likely to cause confusion in the future. I’ve decided to rename the game to my second choice of name for the game, which is “Reboot Robot”, hopefully this will minimise any mix ups. That’s all for now.

Robox on Temporary Hold, Project Glide Now Main Project

May 16, 2013 hydroxy

Since I’ve started programming Project Glide, the game has become a fresh change in my game development work. I really enjoy coding it and I’ve decided to develop it for a short time into a full game as a small break from coding Robox.

I also recently heard of YoYo Games’ Win Big Competition, I thought it would also be nice to enter the game into the competition and Windows Store once I finish it also, just to see how it does. This of course means it needs to meet the deadline of June 28th 2013, this is the first time I’ve worked to a deadline for game development, hopefully I can stick to the schedule and get the job done.

Development has been slow over the past week due to other commitments I’ve had in life, however I’m pretty much free of them now so should be able to work on Project Glide much more than I have previously. I’ve had lots of ideas and can’t wait to prototype them and maybe implement them into the game if they work well enough.

Lots of Changes…

May 3, 2013 hydroxy

Made lots of changes this week:

  • The character is now a more rounded shape, this makes him have to squeeze to get into tight spaces and adds another layer to avoiding traps as the extra rounded bits on him are now counted as hitboxes too.
  • The turret system has been redesigned, there are now about 5 different types of turrets (homing bullets, ricocheting bullets, etc…) and each type has 8 versions for each colour combination, making about 40 different turret permutations in total.
  • Added a few more levels in the game and started work on the my first “zone”. With each zone planned to have about 8 levels in it and there being about 6 zones in total there should be approximately 48 levels in the finished game.
  • Added a grenade launching enemy, this one is very hard to avoid although I need to seriously rework the grenade physics as they are flying around like flubber coated bouncy balls at the moment.
Going to get back to it now, there’s lots to be done…