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Did a Game Jam

September 23, 2013 hydroxy

oyster1I did a game jam a few days ago and created the game shown above in 4 hours.

I used a random game theme generator to choose a theme, it was “Oysters”. After reading up about them I found absolutely nothing that could be used for a game idea. So, I just made a game where you are an oyster and you need to get your pearls back. They appear randomly around the level and you are required to avoid the fast moving fish to get them.

I plan to develop this project further and release it as a more complete game in the future. For now it will just be known as “Project Oyster”. I’m going to make it my main focus in the mean time, so I will have to put Project Glide on hold for now.

Pushing Forwards

July 28, 2013 hydroxy

tanksalotI’ve been developing the game over the last month during most of my free time. Though I haven’t finished it yet, that means I missed the deadline I set myself :( I think from now on I am not going to set any more unrealistic goals to have projects completed by, I am just going to work as efficiently as I can and hopefully the game will be out this side of 2014 and it will be fun to play.

I’ve added lots of stuff to the game, such as:

  • new enemies like tanks (above shows temporary place holder images for them) and turrets
  • different environments to fly in like the upper atmosphere and caves
  • power-ups that will help during missions such as faster weapons and stronger defences

Still lots to do in the game, but at the same time I am trying to avoid making this into an overly large project. I don’t know when this will be out to be honest but I know I will be have to be happy with it before it is released.

Missing the Target

June 27, 2013 hydroxy

After about a month of working on Project Glide, I have not yet completed the game. So I won’t be entering it into the Win Big competition :(

There has been considerable success in getting things up and running on the project though. I have got a design document which is detailed on most aspects of the game, I am using this to develop the game whilst avoiding feature creep.

The deadline to get the game done was helpful to motivate me but in hindsight it was too short, considering that I have a fairly time-intensive job at the moment as well.


I’m going to continue developing the game and set another deadline of this time next month, 28th July 2013, to finish it and get it in the Windows Store. I am much more dedicated to succeeding this time around but still, wish me luck :)

The Battle Plan

May 31, 2013 hydroxy

Got the WordPress blog finalised now, I’m pleased with the end result, that’s the easy part done now I just have to go develop something worthy of being posted about.

Just under a month left to go for the Win Big competition and things are taking shape in Project Glide in terms of gameplay and story. Details and screenshots to follow soon once I get everything figured out. I’ve been careful not to set my ambitions too high on this as I’ve done in the past. I have made up a simple timetable to keep it all straightforward:

  •  31st May: Finalising design of game design document (gameplay, story, environment, etc…)
  • 1st June -16th June: Development of game according to design document.
  • 17th June – 19th June: Game testing sessions.
  • 20th June – 27th June: Game testing feedback implementation, improvements in aesthetics (sound, graphics, etc…), creating/distributing press pack and posting of game to Windows Store.
  • 28th June: Reintegrate into society.

Though for now I’m going to get some sleep, as it seems there is a long road ahead…

Stop it. You’re Killing Me…

May 18, 2013 hydroxy


Still working away here. At the moment I’m working on the combat system in the game, trying to make it more fun and fair to play.

Currently it gets difficult really fast and I think I’m only doing OK as I’ve played it to so much already, a newbie player would most likely be shot down in about 15 seconds.

I’ve got ideas on how to fix this though, I’ve got a perk system in mind and maybe also a killstreak system to give players a further boost when they’re doing well.

Back to it…