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Roll Up! Roll Up!

November 7, 2016 hydroxy

Uploaded this clip of some gameplay to Youtube a few months ago, just now remembering to post it here.

They See Me Rollin’…

June 28, 2016 hydroxy

Another small update. Just been experimenting with ball rotation and animations coding. Results look fairly promising. More to come soon…

Rack and Roll

June 21, 2016 hydroxy

Small update to Project Cueball. If life isn’t too busy I plan to keep working on this quite a bit in the upcoming future.


That’s My Cue

January 4, 2016 hydroxy


Just a small update to Project Cueball, this is v4. Finally got the pool physics nailed down pretty well. There are some minor bugs in the game that occur every once in a while such as collision issues and the very rare sound problems but overall this build is stable. Its came a long way since v3. I programmed v3>v4 over a weekend, time well spent I think.

The current rules in the game are pot alternating reds and yellows until you get to the black. I know this is not actually how real pool is played but its just a temporary solution for now. If you successfully pot all the balls, move to the right of the starting line and the balls will be reracked again allowing you to keep earning money. However, if you pot the incorrect ball at any time it will result in a fine of money from your bank balance and the balls will subsequently rereacked to their starting positions again. The aim is currently just to get the highest bank balance.

So far the game is pretty straight forward to play and to be honest there is little challenge. I might keep this mode for a bit of a fun extra, but for the main game I intend to make a fantasy pool variant of some kind. I’m not exactly sure about what finished game will look like but it’ll hopefully be an entertaining for you to play and I’m sure I’ll have a blast creating it. I’m thinking maybe something with RPG elements such as buying items from tiny shops that appear on the table between rounds, using special magic or technology powered items to assist yourself and even encountering tiny enemies that will hinder your progress in various ways. I must pre-plan everything soon so I can stay on a good timeline, though progress may be slow as I discussed in previous posts. I hope to keep you informed of how I’m doing. That’s all for now.

Try the latest version by clicking this Link.


Pool Party

May 25, 2015 hydroxy

I’ve been busy working on another project. This one is a simple pool variant called “Project Cueball” where you control (you guessed it) a cueball.

The aim is to try to get as high a score as possible by collecting coins and potting any other ball on the table. For every dollar you earn two new balls are added to the table. You must not collide with the flashing blue homing balls or fall into a pocket yourself otherwise its game over.

Play it today. Feedback is welcome. There may be a possibility for further development on this game if there is enough interest. Happy hunting.

Download the .EXE