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Asset-venture Time

August 29, 2014 hydroxy


I have created another new asset on the Yoyo Games Marketplace called “Object Bobbing“. It is a asset which allows objects to bob up and down slightly above the ground. Its a pretty basic asset however it required a lot of fine tuning of the variables to get the effect just right.

Asset La Vista

July 22, 2014 hydroxy


I recently created an asset package for Yoyo Games’ Marketplace called “Cel Shaded 2D-3D Effect“. You may think the asset looks familiar to you as something from Project Glide and you’d be right, I am using the same code and artwork. My thoughts are that someone may appreciate being able to use the plane asset in their own game for a small charge. The real hidden gem however, is that the underlying code can be found in the package and utilised to apply the cel shading effect to any other suitable art asset.


September 11, 2010 hydroxy

This is a video that spurred on my interest in the indie gaming scene. I just watch it sometimes to remind myself to be creative and not to settle for the accepted norms of video game development, but also because the music in it kicks ass. Some of the ideas in this video are inspiring. Hopefully someday I’ll get a game in one of these videos…