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Perhaps Not…

December 16, 2014 hydroxy

In my last post I explained I may have a chance at full-time game development. That reason for this was that I received a good amount of funding from a third party to develop Reboot Robot to completion, however for some very complicated reasons I could not accept this offer at this time. In the future I will be available to accept funding but right now I am not free to do so due to other obligations.

This is no doubt bad news to me but I will stagger onward regardless. I will continue developing in my spare time so not much has changed overall. The games will get made. Maybe just not as fast as I’d like.

I’m going to make Reboot Robot the main project again. Its got great potential and its the game I want to make most right now. I’ll revisit Gale Force in the future hopefully.

That’s all for now.

A New Hope

July 8, 2014 hydroxy


I recently went to QCON, a local gaming convention held in Belfast, NI. I seen some pretty inspirational stuff from other developers while I was there and it has totally motivated me to take game development much more seriously. Many developers had impressively polished games such as LightUpWarrior’s Dungeon Buster, while others gave talks on their experiences within the industry such as bitSmith Games. Overall the experience allowed me to change my perspective and has given me a valuable insight into how other indies operate. Recently I’ve been working quite hard on my current game development project, Gale Force, which I have gotten into a much more playable state. Time has been limited recently, however with my renewed focus I can see a new era of productivity on the horizon for me. My long term plan is to finish Gale Force, then Southern Voyage, then Project Glide and finally Reboot Robot. I am essentially working backwards to finish the projects that I did not finish on my first try. I do not know how long this will take but I will eventually get there. I started game development on 17th July 2010, that is a week shy of 4 years. Overall I am disappointed with my lack of released games, however I knew when starting this would be tough work, I have made great progress over the years in many aspects but my ultimate shortfall has been that I have simply lacked the drive to see projects through to completion. Here’s to the hope that I can stop that trend…

Slow News Day

June 5, 2014 hydroxy

Just a micro-post here, things are going well, progress is slow however. I haven’t been working as hard as I wanted due to other stuff in life. Hopefully there will be more progress in the coming fortnight if my plans work out as I hope. That’s all for now.

Back to the Start

May 20, 2014 hydroxy

Making slow but good progress on Gale Force. Overall I think I am about back to where I was before my files for the project were lost.


I will not update the versions of the game on the site just yet but I hope to update them in the next fortnightly post.

Keeping the scope of this game very small. Its pretty much a project to prove I am able to finish something. Hopefully it will be fun to play as well, that would be a nice bonus for me.

That’s all for now, check back soon.

Fail Force

May 5, 2014 hydroxy

Making slow but gradual progress with Gale Force. There isn’t really enough progress in the game to post anything new unfortunately though. I had intended to develop the game over the short break from my day job which I mentioned here, however things turned out a little differently than originally planned and I had to attend to some real life stuff first which didn’t leave much time for development. This coming fortnight will surely be more productive though, so check back soon.