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Monopoly Deal – 54 Card Fan Expansion

June 25, 2017 hydroxy

Its something a bit different I know but its something I’ve always wanted to make. If you haven’t tried Monopoly Deal I’d suggest giving it a go, its only about £7 on Amazon right now and is a great little party game.

I used a small expansion that I found on BoardGameGeek’s forums as the foundation for my expansion, the initial authors had taken it from v1 to v2 and there were some really good ideas there. I added my own ideas, printed everything out, got it shipped and playtested with friends, this was v3, it was good but there were some big imbalances caused by the new cards. After returning to the drawing board I’ve created v4, some of the cards are displayed below:

I do not want to make any profit out of this, so I’m researching around for the best prices around for a high enough quality reproduction that’ll allow this deck to be seamlessly mixed in with the normal deck. I’ll update here in the future when I’ve got that arranged.

Here is a link for the player card image files for anyone who wants to print them off themselves

I’ve uploaded two versions to at this link.

  • The version titled “MDE Light” has a lesser quality card material and a small cardboard tuck box as a container.
  • The version titled “MDE” features higher quality card material and a plastic hinged card container; however costs are higher.

Board games can be as entertaining as video games, I think they’re making a long overdue resurgence recently, hopefully it continues.