Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Whirlybird Gets the Worm

December 30, 2016 hydroxy

After a busy Xmas and a brief bout of sickness, I’ve unrustled my jimmies and I’m back again ready to create. Watch this space, hopefully in the next few weeks I shall emerge with an improved version of Legend of Heli.

Onwards and Upwards

December 5, 2016 hydroxy

New game in the works. Initially this started as a plant growing simulator for a game jam believe it or not, but my tweaking gradually changed it into a little fun helicopter flying game. As is tradition I’ve kind of temporarily left my current main project to start some work on yet another mini game but I do hope to get back to the main project soon.


This is Legend of Heli. You can download a demo version of it here.

The aim is to keep going up and avoid crashing into any of the bots pretty much.

There’s a few bugs such as minor collision detection but overall its fairly stable.

The helicopter can slide across the ground safely enough, however if the propeller touches the walls or ceiling the helicopter can spin out of control slightly.

I aim to get procedural generation in this game in the near future


EDIT: Got my first ever video review! Check it out below.