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The Greater Good

December 20, 2015 hydroxy

Hey, long time no see. Unfortunately my work training course is still not yet finished. It has been delayed for a number of different reasons but I’m still getting through it well enough. The current ETA for completion is expected to be March/April. I’ve decided to keep my head in the books and get this course done and finished as soon as possible so I can move on from it. Unfortunately this has meant that my games development has been stunted for the time being. I’ve been doing little things here and there with various past projects but nothing that’s too impressive.

I decided to list Reboot Robot on Kickstarter mostly to gauge interest in the game, however feedback so far hasn’t been great. I think this is likely due to factors such as, not taking the time to create a full video of my plans for the project, details of how the finances would be spent and having non-impressive programmer art. I’m deciding to let the campaign run its course, just to see how it does and get as much feedback as possible. In the future I may try crowdfunding again but I’ll of course take it more seriously. Therer are other funding options available but it doesn’t hurt to keep everything up for consideration.


An abstract visualisation of my unstoppable progress. Note the cold emotionless face staring into the distance and whispering, “No” without words, but solely through the medium of steely eyed gazes.

2015 has been a slow year for development. The sacrafice will surely be worth it though.
Happy Holidays.