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October 20, 2015 hydroxy


Made a game over the weekend. Its called LECA (Local Environmental Control Assay).

You control a computer system that must protect itself from a swarm of invading robots by using cameras, turrets and gates to your advantage.

This game is much tougher than I intended it to be. I have honestly inadvertently made one of the most mind-bending games I’ve ever played. Hoorah. I’ve tried changing lots of variables but the game is just intrinsically very challenging by its nature.

I’m going to chalk this up as a lesson that sometimes great ideas don’t pan out exactly as you expect in practice in game design. Maybe some genius can have some fun with it. I’ve got plenty of assets from it and I gained more development knowledge so that’s always good.

Its technically my first fully finished actual game as well :)


Controls –

Navigate Menus – Up, Down, Left & Right

Menu Action – Enter

Change Monitor – Escape


Here is a link to the completed game

EDIT: Since posting this I’ve gotten better at the game. Check this video for one of my playthroughs.