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Making New Enemies

February 24, 2014 hydroxy

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve made some good progress on many aspects of the game. My main focus was overhauling enemy AI. Initially I tried to add complex pathfinding algorithms but I found they were too time consuming to implement, so instead I opted for a more basic AI system. I created some new enemies to utilise the new AI and the results so far look promising.


I also fixed the remainder of the outstanding bugs that were present in the game, this was slightly time consuming but it needed to be done. Another task I had set myself was to create at least 1 well defined area in the game. This was finally possible as I had all the components necessary. I filled an area with terrain, enemies, etc… and the result was pretty nice. The area felt good to play through and should be serve as a good example for what I need to do later on in the level design stages of development. I also added some new nature inspired terrain and backgrounds, such as trees and grass. The new additions contribute a lot to the feel of some areas. Overall, the last few weeks have been good for game development but I feel like I could have done more. Hopefully I’ll be more productive in the coming fortnight, until then goodbye…


February 10, 2014 hydroxy

Since the last update I posted I’ve been hard at work on lots of different parts of the game. My main focus has been on inventory management, a task which I knew would be a tough task to complete as it involves lots of maths intertwined with lots of coding.

Initially I made good progress and all was looking well, but I hit a major problem a few hours in. I had to find a way to retrieve variables from objects that were pretty much non-existent within the game world. After about 2 days of effort I found a solution that worked perfectly (thanks go out to GMC for some excellent advice along the way). I was able to complete the rest of inventory management without too much bother.

The inventory management problem was very difficult to solve, but as anybody who has a passion for anything knows, it is this type of insurmountable mountain of a task that lets you know that you are serious about what you are doing.


I also did work on enemy behaviours and improved them significantly, although there is still a lot of work left to do. Above is a test enemy that I have created to keep me company. I think he may make it into the final game as he’s has an eeriness about him that I think could work well in some locations in the game.


I’ve also added a few human characters, such as the merchant and doctor displayed above who will help the player character by performing tasks such as selling items, healing damage, etc…

Still have not figured out a name for this project. I am still calling it Project Oyster which sounds sillier every time I say it. A fitting name will hopefully come soon…

I am keeping to my schedule fairly well and I have been successful in keeping the scope of this project fairly small so far. It will hopefully stay that way as I want this to be a quickly and efficiently completed project.

After developing games for over 3 years I have realised it is a time consuming thing to do. It also has the potential to become a very anti-social influence in your life, I think this is perhaps one of the largest perils there is regarding game development. Be careful of it or game development can take away more than it gives you.

Anywho, there is still a lot to do but I think I am progressing at a good rate. I can walk away happy at the end of this weekend knowing that inventory management is complete and other (nicer) tasks await me…