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Now, I Ain’t Saying He’s a Gold Digger…

January 26, 2014 hydroxy

I’ve been super busy this last week working on the game. Most of my efforts have been in getting rid of bugs that I inadvertently created earlier in the development cycle. I’ve so far taken out about 20 or so different bugs, making the last week a kind of virtual extermination. The game is now feels much more solid to play and I think it was time very well spent.


Debugging has taken time away from adding new content unfortunately, but I have been able to add a few new features and improve on several existing ones, including:

  • Finishing the HUD system
  • Improving the underwater oxygen consumption mechanism
  • Reworking the player damage mechanism
  • Improving water interaction mechanism
  • Finalising the story
  • improving the debugging system
  • Reworking room transitions

I’ve recently got much more effective at working on the game. The main reason was that I actually sat down and made a design document for it. The design document covers almost all aspects of the game, such as, items, enemies, game resolution, the map, controls and so on… I have been continually adding to the document with any changes I have made to the game. I think the reason that it works so well is because it gives me a clearly written out plan of what objectives I need to complete to progress the game forward. Beforehand it was sort of like working without a long term plan. Now I feel I have a reachable goal and that I know I can accomplish, the only question is when I’ll accomplish it.

I have also been trying to think of a good name for the game but nothing has came to mind yet, watch this space though.

As discussed in a previous post, I’ve also been playing around with the idea of making the game available to download and play from the early stages of development. However, I don’t think the game is ready to be played yet as there is still so little of the map created and not much to do except run around the empty tunnels of the island. Also, I am not too sure of the technical feasibility of transferring save data between different game versions. However, I will look into all of this and hopefully have more information next time I post.

That’s all for now.