Monthly Archives: September 2013

20,000 Pixels Under the Sea

September 30, 2013 hydroxy

pearljamI’ve been developing the Project Oyster game for about a week in my spare time, I’ve made good progress since the initial game jam effort. Since then, I have taken a step back from the keyboard and have drawn up a basic action plan of what needs done to finish the game. I have been tackling the tasks one by one from the list, but there is quite a lot of stuff left to do. I’ve had to go back to old code a few times to improve it here and there, though I believe that’s a given for anything developed in a 4-hour time frame.

I hope to possibly add a bit of procedural generation into the finished product so it is different every time it is played, however if I find this too difficult it may not happen.

The art style to the game is fairly minimalist, I think it suits it as it allows everything to stand out from the background and I think its fitting for such a simple game.

I think I should have this game finished fairly soon, as long as I stay focussed and don’t let feature creep take hold. Watch this space…

Did a Game Jam

September 23, 2013 hydroxy

oyster1I did a game jam a few days ago and created the game shown above in 4 hours.

I used a random game theme generator to choose a theme, it was “Oysters”. After reading up about them I found absolutely nothing that could be used for a game idea. So, I just made a game where you are an oyster and you need to get your pearls back. They appear randomly around the level and you are required to avoid the fast moving fish to get them.

I plan to develop this project further and release it as a more complete game in the future. For now it will just be known as “Project Oyster”. I’m going to make it my main focus in the mean time, so I will have to put Project Glide on hold for now.