Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Battle Plan

May 31, 2013 hydroxy

Got the WordPress blog finalised now, I’m pleased with the end result, that’s the easy part done now I just have to go develop something worthy of being posted about.

Just under a month left to go for the Win Big competition and things are taking shape in Project Glide in terms of gameplay and story. Details and screenshots to follow soon once I get everything figured out. I’ve been careful not to set my ambitions too high on this as I’ve done in the past. I have made up a simple timetable to keep it all straightforward:

  •  31st May: Finalising design of game design document (gameplay, story, environment, etc…)
  • 1st June -16th June: Development of game according to design document.
  • 17th June – 19th June: Game testing sessions.
  • 20th June – 27th June: Game testing feedback implementation, improvements in aesthetics (sound, graphics, etc…), creating/distributing press pack and posting of game to Windows Store.
  • 28th June: Reintegrate into society.

Though for now I’m going to get some sleep, as it seems there is a long road ahead…

Stop it. You’re Killing Me…

May 18, 2013 hydroxy


Still working away here. At the moment I’m working on the combat system in the game, trying to make it more fun and fair to play.

Currently it gets difficult really fast and I think I’m only doing OK as I’ve played it to so much already, a newbie player would most likely be shot down in about 15 seconds.

I’ve got ideas on how to fix this though, I’ve got a perk system in mind and maybe also a killstreak system to give players a further boost when they’re doing well.

Back to it…

Blog Moved to WordPress

May 17, 2013 hydroxy

I’ve moved the blog to WordPress, apologies for the slight downtime during the transition. I should have everything up and running very soon. Currently working on making a new theme so the site looks similar to the old one, hopefully will have that done soon too. Back to it…

Robox on Temporary Hold, Project Glide Now Main Project

May 16, 2013 hydroxy

Since I’ve started programming Project Glide, the game has become a fresh change in my game development work. I really enjoy coding it and I’ve decided to develop it for a short time into a full game as a small break from coding Robox.

I also recently heard of YoYo Games’ Win Big Competition, I thought it would also be nice to enter the game into the competition and Windows Store once I finish it also, just to see how it does. This of course means it needs to meet the deadline of June 28th 2013, this is the first time I’ve worked to a deadline for game development, hopefully I can stick to the schedule and get the job done.

Development has been slow over the past week due to other commitments I’ve had in life, however I’m pretty much free of them now so should be able to work on Project Glide much more than I have previously. I’ve had lots of ideas and can’t wait to prototype them and maybe implement them into the game if they work well enough.