Monthly Archives: March 2013

Back in the Game

March 19, 2013 hydroxy

After a long and unexpected break from development due to other commitments in my life such as work and university I am back at development on the game. I’ve been away from it for quite a while but I’ve managed to pick up where I left off without any major issues. I’ve made great progress in the last week or so with tasks such as lighting, powerups, controls and menu design. I hope to continue working on tasks like this for the next while to get the game into a more playable state.

I hope to upgrade the game to the new GameMaker Studio package in the near future, this should help with some aspects of development and hopefully no problems will arise during the transition.

I am also getting some help from another GMC member with some aspects of development so hopefully the pace will begin to pick up very soon. Watch this space for more news…