Monthly Archives: March 2012

Official Project Name: Robox

March 17, 2012 hydroxy

I have officially decided to call my work in progress “Robox”. I got the idea after some help from members of The name is a combination of the words “robot” and “box”, I think it suits the game very well and its nice to finally have a name for my creation. Thanks to everyone who helped me in my decision

Nature Strikes

March 12, 2012 hydroxy

I’ve recently been adding a few elements to the game, they are mostly nature based items and they’ve been pretty nice to experiment making as they give a bit of life and colour to the grey monotonous environment that I’ve created so far.

I’ve also been working on improving water physics but that seems to be a very tricky task to undertake, so I may leave it to later on in development, otherwise it could slow me down unnecessarily.

From a coding point of view most things are now finished, I think I can start creating more game content soon such as functional levels, better art assets, a storyline, etc… There’s will soon be lots of decision making to be done…

I feel there’s good potential in this project. I’m feeling good about it it coming to a close soon though. Its a great sight to see different parts of the game coming together and working together as they were intended to.