Monthly Archives: January 2012

Floating Through Development

January 21, 2012 hydroxy

Development is going swimmingly at the moment, I’m just finished writing new code for moving platforms and the result is pretty nice. I’ve been constantly adding new objects to the game, though I’m having trouble keeping up with my imagination, so I’ve been documenting all the ideas so I can use them at a later date. I’ve added a coin system to the game, there’s still work to be done on it but it’s coming together nicely for now.

For myself, many of the important choices in development have already come and passed, yet the one thing I’ve learnt that when developing a game is that you can change your choices at any time. This is sort of double edged sword for me, firstly it means I can continually sculpt everything to perfection, however secondly it means that I’m always tempted to go back and have another go at improving certain aspects of the game. To be a successful developer I think you really need to strike a good balance between both sides. Back to work for me now…