Monthly Archives: October 2011

Excavating Old Ideas

October 9, 2011 hydroxy

Recently I’ve been trying to get some innovative ideas added to the game and one of the biggest sources of inspiration has been my file archives from the early days of the game development process. So far I’ve found many ideas that can be utilised without modification, while other ideas will require some tweaking to perfect. Also, I’m pretty amazed at how much the game has changed when I look back at the early days of development, its a good type of change though, one that I’m sure will be interesting to check out in its entirety once the game is finished, I’ll hopefully remember to add a little feature in the game where you can check out some past screenshots from throughout development.

On another note, I’m trying to keep the controls as simple as possible by requiring the player to use only the directional keys during gameplay, nothing else at all. I initially found this difficult as it limits the interactions the player can have with the environment, but I later discovered that there are ways around this problem, by that I mean that some non-direct interaction can be used, i.e. instead of pressing “X” to open a door, the player can stand on a pressure pad in front of the door to activate it. I’m hoping that this type of approach will add a bit more challenge and open up new avenues for puzzle elements to be added to the game.