Monthly Archives: July 2011

Just Play It Already

July 12, 2011 hydroxy

Just thought I’d mention one of my favourite indie games of all time here, for anyone who hasn’t played Cave Story, go and do it now, its a gem of a game. Everything is solid from the core gameplay to the music that plays throughout the game. It can get hard in some places but beating the game is definitely worth it just to see the whole story play through. I might go play it again now actually…

So Many Crates

July 12, 2011 hydroxy


I’ve been playing Super Crate Box a good bit recently. I discovered it way back last year but just thought it deserves a mention here, as its truly a great indie game. You play as a variety of small critters whose sole aim in life is to collect as many crates as possible before they are over-run by the never ending stream of enemies. The gameplay is solid here and the large variety of weapons available keeps things interesting.

Just One More Go…

July 12, 2011 hydroxy

I’ve been playing the great Luftrauser by Vlambeer recently. Its a great little game in which you play as a small plane taking on a lots of enemy planes and boats. The graphics are simple but the gameplay is solid. I do think a bit more development could have seen it became something much greater but as it stands its a pretty good game.