Monthly Archives: June 2011

Block With A Vengence

June 11, 2011 hydroxy

I’ve been adding new enemies to the game recently, as shown in the image above. They aren’t mobile enemies, they are really only a part of the facility, more like defences against intruders. I think this is a better approach to creating non-friendly forces in the game as it means I don’t need to code complex AI and because it just feels better this way. I’ve also been chipping away at bug fixes, I’ve made quite a lot of improvements in many areas but there is still lots to do. Progress is fast these days, I’m trying to keep it up now that I’m on a roll, better get back to it…

God Mode Enabled

June 6, 2011 hydroxy


Hey there. I’ve fully finished the circuitry system in the game, now I can add new input and output components without a problem. In other news I’ve enabled a God mode for debugging the game so I don’t have to do silly things like obey gravity. It really speeds everything up and gives me ideas for further gameplay concepts. I’ve still got a few problems with collision detection but I predict these will be cleared up soon. Also, I’ve had some help recently from a few online friends, it really is amazing the difference having multiple coders can make. Maybe I’ll undertake a group project in the future, but for now back to coding alone…