Lots of Changes…

May 3, 2013 hydroxy

Made lots of changes this week:

  • The character is now a more rounded shape, this makes him have to squeeze to get into tight spaces and adds another layer to avoiding traps as the extra rounded bits on him are now counted as hitboxes too.
  • The turret system has been redesigned, there are now about 5 different types of turrets (homing bullets, ricocheting bullets, etc…) and each type has 8 versions for each colour combination, making about 40 different turret permutations in total.
  • Added a few more levels in the game and started work on the my first “zone”. With each zone planned to have about 8 levels in it and there being about 6 zones in total there should be approximately 48 levels in the finished game.
  • Added a grenade launching enemy, this one is very hard to avoid although I need to seriously rework the grenade physics as they are flying around like flubber coated bouncy balls at the moment.
Going to get back to it now, there’s lots to be done…

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