Game Jammin’

April 21, 2014 hydroxy

Over the past weekend I entered the game jam called GM48. In the jam the entrants have 48 hours to complete a game on a chosen theme, this time it was “Guns That Don’t Shoot Bullets!” All content is encouraged to be original.

I made a puzzle platformer game which I call “Gale Force”. The idea is that you use the “Gale Gun” (a gun which blasts out large gusts of air, partially inspired by the Thundergun from Call of Duty: Black Ops) to restart the machinery of a facility by powering small wind turbines. The image below shows the basic concept.


I completed the game jam just in time to submit my work. The game is quite short though and can be completed within about 5 minutes if you are good enough, this was mostly due to me working too much on game mechanics whilst forgetting about level design until the very end. The game is surprisingly stable with only a few bugs that I am aware of.

Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the source code files when I was clearing out some folders. I have a backup copy of the game from about halfway through the jam so that is something to fall back on. I aim to work on it and release it within a few weeks in a fuller version. I am taking a break from my mini project Southern Voyage to work on this micro project. I promise I will not start working on a nano project or a pico project next. I’m doing this to give myself a quick break from coding the same game for too long. I’m looking for a quick code and release so it will not be a large game. Hopefully this will give me some momentum when I return to Southern Voyage. If all goes as planned this will be beneficial to my progress in the long run.


The game can be played in its current state by downloading it from this page. I will try to get a HTML5 live version online once I get everything back up to date.

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