Super Delayed Edition

April 12, 2014 hydroxy

I’ve been so busy with life that I have not had a chance to update the blog until now. I’m about 6 days late, but I eventually got some time to make a post. I’m going to make another post again in the usual Monday 21st April to get back into the normal routine again.

So over the last fortnight (or so), I’ve been working at a lot of different aspects in the game.

The main focus was backtracking over code I had wrote much earlier. Initially I decided that I wanted the collectibles the character gathers to execute the code for their usage e.g. gold coins will generate money when a button is pressed nearby the merchant, however I realised recently this was not a good idea and so I changed it so the physical objects in the level (in this case the merchant) will actually execute the code. Sounds like a simple swap around but in reality it took a good bit of reworking to get it all running.

I also made some changes when I was finishing up, such as a neat green or red outline around the physical object to let you know if the interaction will be accepted or not, as well as dialogue for non-successful actions. There is still lots of work to be done on this.

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I also improved the HUD so it is less intrusive in the players view, I also redesigned some of the HUD artwork while I was doing this also.

Many other small changes were made, however they were all pretty boring, such as added a variable to prevent grass from growing on soil blocks, slowed collectible items descent speed in water, altered non-playable characters’ so your they can now turn around and face different directions, and so on…

There’s still loads to do but I have a large break from my day job coming up in which I aim to develop a lot of things in the game.

Check out the game on this page.

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