Another Fortnight Already?

March 24, 2014 hydroxy


OK, time for the fortnightly update. I made some progress in many, many areas in the game, includng:

  • added new upgrades items which improve health, inventory size, etc…
  • added new status refill items which refill health, oxygen, etc…
  • added some new character sprites
  • created a new room transition system which is much improved over the previous version
  • altered the cheat function to make it easier to use in the game

Had a few bugs in the game which really set me back trying to fix but I got everything resolved in the end.

I also released put a copy of the game online which can either be downloaded as an .exe or played via your internet browser. You can access the game here. I am looking to update these versions of the game every fortnight when I make a new blog post. Hopefully you will see the improvements that are being made as the game is developed.

Not much else to report, its been a fairly quiet (but busy) fortnight. That’s all for now…

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