Making New Enemies

February 24, 2014 hydroxy

Over the last 2 weeks I’ve made some good progress on many aspects of the game. My main focus was overhauling enemy AI. Initially I tried to add complex pathfinding algorithms but I found they were too time consuming to implement, so instead I opted for a more basic AI system. I created some new enemies to utilise the new AI and the results so far look promising.


I also fixed the remainder of the outstanding bugs that were present in the game, this was slightly time consuming but it needed to be done. Another task I had set myself was to create at least 1 well defined area in the game. This was finally possible as I had all the components necessary. I filled an area with terrain, enemies, etc… and the result was pretty nice. The area felt good to play through and should be serve as a good example for what I need to do later on in the level design stages of development. I also added some new nature inspired terrain and backgrounds, such as trees and grass. The new additions contribute a lot to the feel of some areas. Overall, the last few weeks have been good for game development but I feel like I could have done more. Hopefully I’ll be more productive in the coming fortnight, until then goodbye…

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