Pushing Forwards

July 28, 2013 hydroxy

tanksalotI’ve been developing the game over the last month during most of my free time. Though I haven’t finished it yet, that means I missed the deadline I set myself :( I think from now on I am not going to set any more unrealistic goals to have projects completed by, I am just going to work as efficiently as I can and hopefully the game will be out this side of 2014 and it will be fun to play.

I’ve added lots of stuff to the game, such as:

  • new enemies like tanks (above shows temporary place holder images for them) and turrets
  • different environments to fly in like the upper atmosphere and caves
  • power-ups that will help during missions such as faster weapons and stronger defences

Still lots to do in the game, but at the same time I am trying to avoid making this into an overly large project. I don’t know when this will be out to be honest but I know I will be have to be happy with it before it is released.

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