The Battle Plan

May 31, 2013 hydroxy

Got the WordPress blog finalised now, I’m pleased with the end result, that’s the easy part done now I just have to go develop something worthy of being posted about.

Just under a month left to go for the Win Big competition and things are taking shape in Project Glide in terms of gameplay and story. Details and screenshots to follow soon once I get everything figured out. I’ve been careful not to set my ambitions too high on this as I’ve done in the past. I have made up a simple timetable to keep it all straightforward:

  •  31st May: Finalising design of game design document (gameplay, story, environment, etc…)
  • 1st June -16th June: Development of game according to design document.
  • 17th June – 19th June: Game testing sessions.
  • 20th June – 27th June: Game testing feedback implementation, improvements in aesthetics (sound, graphics, etc…), creating/distributing press pack and posting of game to Windows Store.
  • 28th June: Reintegrate into society.

Though for now I’m going to get some sleep, as it seems there is a long road ahead…

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