Robox on Temporary Hold, Project Glide Now Main Project

May 16, 2013 hydroxy

Since I’ve started programming Project Glide, the game has become a fresh change in my game development work. I really enjoy coding it and I’ve decided to develop it for a short time into a full game as a small break from coding Robox.

I also recently heard of YoYo Games’ Win Big Competition, I thought it would also be nice to enter the game into the competition and Windows Store once I finish it also, just to see how it does. This of course means it needs to meet the deadline of June 28th 2013, this is the first time I’ve worked to a deadline for game development, hopefully I can stick to the schedule and get the job done.

Development has been slow over the past week due to other commitments I’ve had in life, however I’m pretty much free of them now so should be able to work on Project Glide much more than I have previously. I’ve had lots of ideas and can’t wait to prototype them and maybe implement them into the game if they work well enough.

2 thoughts on “Robox on Temporary Hold, Project Glide Now Main Project

  1. dacudo


    I was trying to find a way to contact you but I couldn’t find any contact details so I will just post it here. I am interested in ProjectGlide and I wondering if you are hiring in order to meet the June 28th deadline. I am finishing my Computer Games degree at Magee. My skills are mostly in programming. I could also test the game for you.

    Let me know if you want a hand.


    Daniel McDowell

    1. hydroxy Post author

      Apologies, I usually have a “Contact” link at the top of the page but its disappeared for some reason. I’ve fixed it now. You can contact me through it now and we can discuss those plans.

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