Review: Mario Learns About Colors

April 1, 2013 hydroxy

I recently stumbled across this game on the GMC forums. Its a Mario fan game involving painting the main character certain colours to navigate around the level to find the silver exit pipe.

I am surprised to say it is pretty good. The level design is well done with everything seemingly being placed where it is for a reason; boss fights are challenging and genuinely fun to figure out their weaknesses; the controls are predictably solid given that it is a game based on Nintendo’s plumbing hero. The game is pretty short but just about long enough to have some good fun with it, there is also the additional challenge of obtaining all the coins each level holds to complete the game 100%. My main gripe with this game is that it doesn’t need to be a Mario fan game, it could be a completely original and superior gameplay experience if the developer had made their own assets. Overall though, its a good enough game especially for the puzzle game aficionados amongst you. I give it 7/10

Link: Mario Learns About Colors

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