The End Where I Begin

February 15, 2015 hydroxy

Its been two months since I last updated this blog, it has passed by so fast for me. I’ve mostly been entirely focused on matters related to the 9-5 job, so unfortunately I’ve been unable to work on development at all really. This is as I expected and part of the reason why I had to turn down my funding in December.

In my work I have been doing a long-term training course for the last few years which I am now 90% complete, the last 10% is extremely tough and so I have very little time for much else in life outside of work. I have decided to put development on hold until at least August/September when the course should be completed. I am aiming to storm through it as fast as possible and think this is the best way to do it.

After this course is finished I will need to make some very tough decisions about what path I will walk afterwards in life. The training has given me a great backup plan in case games development doesn’t work out for me. Deciding to complete the course and turn down the grant was one of the hardest decisions in my entire life. The prospects for creative industries in Northern Ireland are getting brighter by the day and I want to be a part of that future.

I’m currently looking to expand my skill set during this downtime. In recent weeks I’ve become slightly better at pixel art and have learned a lot about games programming that I did not previously know.

This will likely be the last post for a good while but when I return I will be 100% ready to take this to the next level and take up games development full-time.

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