Inventory Engine

September 21, 2014 hydroxy

I’ve successfully finished creating an Inventory engine that is compatible with any Game Maker: Studio project.

Recently I’ve kept quite secret about this but now I’m happy that the product is of high enough quality to release it. It took a lot of effort, time and patience but its finally done.

I’m just so happy right now that I’ve finished it. Actually finished something pretty big. Oh yeah…

Check out the video to see it in action, try out the executable to test it out or download it from the YoYo Games Marketplace for all the source code.

YoYoGames Marketplace Asset Link

Download (Executable)

Asset-venture Time

August 29, 2014 hydroxy


I have created another new asset on the Yoyo Games Marketplace called “Object Bobbing“. It is a asset which allows objects to bob up and down slightly above the ground. Its a pretty basic asset however it required a lot of fine tuning of the variables to get the effect just right.

Asset La Vista

July 22, 2014 hydroxy


I recently created an asset package for Yoyo Games’ Marketplace called “Cel Shaded 2D-3D Effect“. You may think the asset looks familiar to you as something from Project Glide and you’d be right, I am using the same code and artwork. My thoughts are that someone may appreciate being able to use the plane asset in their own game for a small charge. The real hidden gem however, is that the underlying code can be found in the package and utilised to apply the cel shading effect to any other suitable art asset.

A New Hope

July 8, 2014 hydroxy


I recently went to QCON, a local gaming convention held in Belfast, NI. I seen some pretty inspirational stuff from other developers while I was there and it has totally motivated me to take game development much more seriously. Many developers had impressively polished games such as LightUpWarrior’s Dungeon Buster, while others gave talks on their experiences within the industry such as bitSmith Games. Overall the experience allowed me to change my perspective and has given me a valuable insight into how other indies operate. Recently I’ve been working quite hard on my current game development project, Gale Force, which I have gotten into a much more playable state. Time has been limited recently, however with my renewed focus I can see a new era of productivity on the horizon for me. My long term plan is to finish Gale Force, then Southern Voyage, then Project Glide and finally Reboot Robot. I am essentially working backwards to finish the projects that I did not finish on my first try. I do not know how long this will take but I will eventually get there. I started game development on 17th July 2010, that is a week shy of 4 years. Overall I am disappointed with my lack of released games, however I knew when starting this would be tough work, I have made great progress over the years in many aspects but my ultimate shortfall has been that I have simply lacked the drive to see projects through to completion. Here’s to the hope that I can stop that trend…

Sometimes Slow, Never Stopped

June 20, 2014 hydroxy

Things are moving slowly with development. Life has become very busy. I will persevere through this and eventually get things back on track. I will always update approximately every fortnight as usual. Watch this space…